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Moving to Umbraco

I’ve just started work on a new blog in Umbraco. If you’re interested you can follow the development on my github account at https://github.com/a2wd/blog , feel free to clone or comment.

There are a couple of reasons for this, but mostly because I enjoy coding projects and building a blog is a fairly simple and straightforward project to complete.

I also want to incorporate as many techniques and skills as possible from what I’ve recently learnt.

Recently, I’ve read some excellent books on coding:

  • The pragmatic programmer
  • Clean code
  • Agile Practices, Principles & Patterns
  • The mythical man-month

I’ve learnt about SOLID, unit-testing and TDD, inversion of control and an array of software design patterns and principles.

I look forward to putting them all to use along the way.

03 Dec 2017blog / code / design / github / project

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