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The Mandelbrot Fractal

Introduction I have just finished CS50x, Harvard’s online computer science offering. For my final project, I implemented a zoomable rendering of the Mandelbrot fractal, in Javascript, using the HTML5 canvas element. The github repository is accessible at github.com/a2wd/mandelbrot A live demonstration can be found at the attached github page, a2wd.github.io/mandelbrot   Research Fractals are fascinating […]

10 Aug 2014CS50 / Fractals / javascript / Mandelbrot

Respond theme featured on artfulclub.com

I am pleased to announce that my wordpress theme (respond), as used on this site was featured on artfulcub.com, where you can also see plenty of other great wordpress themes. My favourite is WP386 which makes your blog look like an old school ACORN computer. Complete with monospaced font and big blocky borders. Have a […]

10 Jun 2014respond / theme / wordpress

Codility’s April Challenge – Natrium 2014

I got a gold award in Java for Codility’s April Challenge!   My first thoughts were to increment through nested for loops but that would never have achieved O(n) efficiency. Instead, I used two arrays to mark the positions of the highest and lowest numbers from the left and right hand sides of the problem […]

14 Apr 2014Challenge / Codility / Java

Do I need jQuery?

Having recently made an update to my respond theme for wordpress, I wanted to implement a mobile-targeted menu, taking into account that hover doesn’t work on smartphones and tablets. The two main options are an always-open menu or something triggered with javascript, whether that be a select field, a dropdown or a slider. Adopting a […]

29 Mar 2014javascript / jQuery / menu / mobile

Updated theme

I’d previously used a stock theme for this blog, but the current one is something I designed specially for it. The theme is called ‘respond’. It’s available for download at: http://www.a2wd.com/dl/respond.zip If you’re interested in using it on your site, go to appearance->themes->add new->upload and upload the zipfile directly. If you’re on a localhost and […]

22 Mar 2014respond / theme / wordpress

Git & Github

Working on large projects and keeping track of changes to source between multiple contributors is a problem that has been fully solved with solutions like SVN, CVS BitKeeper and Git. While they all offer a broadly similar solution of keeping track of code changes and revisions, they differ greatly in implementation. BitKeeper which was originally […]

01 Mar 2014git / github / source version control / svn

LESS & Stylesheets

Having used a couple of different web design frameworks, I’d come across LESS but had not taken the time to properly understand it till now and really, can’t understand why it wasn’t till 2009 that it appeared (or 2007, for the original, SASS). The website for the language is at http://www.lesscss.org/ though for a really good overview, […]

02 Feb 2014css / less / sass

Vim Editor

I want to recommend the excellent Vim editor. Although the learning curve is quite steep, once you have the basics under your belt, it really lends itself to efficient and effective code authoring. Also, the extensibility of the program means you can do so much with very few commands. For instance, I have mapped the […]

01 Feb 2014editor / vim

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