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Send from Gmail account in iPhone, retain push functionality

Having searched quite a bit for this, I’ve found it is possible to use gmail (or any other account) as your “send as” address but retain the push email functionality.

19 Dec 2013email / gmail / iphone / push

Finding the distance between postcodes

A recent project called on me to refresh my experience of working in perl. The task was to find the distance between two UK postcodes using Object-oriented Programming (OOP). The following three files make up the code: postcode.pl postcode.pm postcodes.csv The perl script, postcode.pl takes input of two postcodes (spaces aren’t important either within the […]

04 Dec 2013distance / haversine / perl / postcode

jQuery Clock Plugin

As part of the timesheets project, I have written a little jQuery clock plugin. I wanted to show the current time on both the clocking-in & out screens and also when registering/updating your profile. The basic usage is: <script type="text/javascript"> $("#clock_div").clock(); </script> Which will transform <div id="clock_div"></div> into this: -Clock- You can set the time format […]

29 Nov 2013clock / jQuery / plugin

Extending jQuery: plugins

As part of the timesheets project, I have written a little jQuery clock plugin. Part of the flexibility of jQuery is the way it handles extensions like this so gracefully. That and chaining functions together make it so useful and powerful. If you’re interested in writing your own plugin, I can recommend the following resource […]

11 Nov 2013clock / jQuery / plugin

NATO Phonetic Alphabet Reference

This is a little project in javascript to convert words to the NATO phonetic alphabet. To use it, simply type words (or just letters) in the box below. The idea for this project came when I was on the phone to some customer services department and had to spell my surname the line was crackly […]

11 Oct 2013alphabet / javascript / nato / reference

Timesheets & Chat App

I am currently developing a timesheet system. You can find it at www.a2wd.com/time Login: test Password: test (or register with your own dummy account) I have previously designed a chat app, working with AJAX and CSS3 ideas. It is live at www.a2wd.com/chat Enjoy!

15 Sep 2013ajax / chat app / timesheets / web app

Regular Expressions

The versatile tool for matching patterns I figured I should know a bit about regular expressions, so for a previous incarnation of the website, I coded the homepage so that it returned the titles of blogs with a link to the respective blog. In doing so, I found a couple of good resources for regular expressions: […]

09 Aug 2013code / regexp

Visual Basic Coding

Converting journey times to nodes in a traffic model I had a large data set of points from a GPS device (Garmin Nuvi) which needed matching up to nodes in a traffic model. Unfortunately the points on the GPS neither occur at exact node coordinates nor do they always even fall along the actual path […]

02 Jul 2013distance / haversine / visual basic

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